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A good day begins with a good breakfast! A delicious and refined breakfast of local produce is served in the shaded garden at the hotel's garden. This is also the place where you can sit and relax during the day. You can play a game of backgammon or read your book while enjoying a drink or your iced coffee.

Breakfast is served from 08.30 up to 11.00. Breakfast at Saronis Hotel is individually served. Everything your order is handmade: jam, bread, pies, cakes & pastries! Feel free to order the omelette & eggs of your choice and 100% freshly squeezed orange juice! Gluten - free breakfast is also available (advance notice required so we can serve you better)!

Enjoy: Cakes, Orange pie, Cheese pie, Milk pie, Chicken pie, Ham / Cheese pie, Pumpkin pie, Mushroom pie, Walnut pie.

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